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      IDG 9074®    

Executive Summary

The IDG 9074® Secure Communications Controller®

Replaces up to 128 IBM 3174 controllers, and provides 256 non-SNA and 1,000 SNA sessions per ESCON or FICON adapter, or a combination of both. Also the IDG 9074 implements data encryption, data compression and a request-challenge-response user authentication. Both ESCON and FICON channel attachments are supported and can be connected directly from the host CPU to the IDG 9074 or through an ESCON or FICON director. SecureAgent® technology enables technical personnel Remote Access to manage any system in the enterprise from any local or remote location with complete security.

The IDG 9074® Secure Communications Controller® will replace 3174 controllers.
This includes support of SNA, Non-SNA and DFT data streams. The IDG 9074 offers security for vastly more efficient LPAR, system and subsystem console management. With the IDG 9074 you can add operating systems, LPARs and additional subsystems, quickly and easily.

The IDG 9074 provides total freedom for users, regardless of the physical location of various systems.
Security is complete, with both data encryption and user authentication. Your organizations security administrator controls all security, from a single point.





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