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SecureAgent® Solutions

Our patented & patent-pending security products give your company the competitive edge.



Disaster Recovery Capability


A high-performance virtual tape and disaster recovery system that allows an organization to  efficiently store and retrieve compressed and encrypted virtual tape images.                    Read More...







A Comprehensive Enterprise Management Suite


Used by some of the largest companies in the world, SuperVision provides computer operators, technical support personnel and systems administrators a single-point tool to securely manage multi-platform systems.                                                                                             Read More...







Remote Access to Entire Enterprise


Provides secure access to any remote disaster recovery site and offers security, remote access and cost reduction and provides total freedom for users, regardless of the physical location of various systems.                                                                                                     Read More...







Additional Remote Access Options for Your Enterprise


Provides additional functionality such as Instant Replay, integrated REXX capabilities, and Secure Remote Access.                                                                                                     Read More...







Secure Communications and Document Transfer


A unique, secure document delivery system for businesses and individuals that seamlessly integrates with any standard e-mail program.                                                             Read More...







Secure, Automatic, Off-Site Backup


Enables secure, automatic, off-site backup of critical data for desktops and web servers.


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