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      IDG 9074®    


COAX Connections
In addition to providing TCP/IP connectivity, the IDG 9074 Secure Communications Controller also provides COAX output. COAX output enables the IDG 9074 the ability to support up to 32 COAX devices such as: STK tape silos, COAX printers and 3270 type terminals.

Printer Support
The IDG 9074® supports HP laser printers connected either directly to a PC or via Ethernet. The printer is connected directly to the host and can communicate required events from the printer to the host, etc. Printer status can be checked to ensure job completion.

DFT Support
In addition to providing support for legacy control unit terminal (CUT) devices, the IDG 9074 supports legacy DFT devices, such as 3290 plasma displays and PCs with 3270 adapters, having the ability to display up to five simultaneous sessions across a single coaxial cable connection.

Hot Console Support
Another feature of the IDG 9074 is Hot Console Support. Hot console support creates a virtual terminal within the IDG 9074, ensuring that the mainframe always has a terminal with which to communicate.

Automatic Network Recovery
The IDG 9074 detects loss of connectivity on the network path and can immediately connect to an alternate network path.

Extended OMA Support
Extended Optical Media Attached (Extended OMA) enables the IDG 9074 the ability to transfer files and data from the host to an emulated tape and archive the information on removable media (i.e. DVD).

Optical Media Attach (OMA)
The IDG 9074 offers Optical Media Attach (OMA) support, which can be used as a convenience media to read software distribution shipped on CD, such as from VM, and can be particularly helpful when tape drives are not available.

Disaster Recovery
SecureAgent® products are central to the Disaster Recovery Plans of some of the largest organizations in the world. If a disaster occurs, instant access to critical systems is needed to ensure that business disruptions are minimized and normal operations resume as quickly as possible. Today, where technology and business are converging, any disruption could be devastating. The use of SecureAgent technology can mean the difference for your business between potential disaster and temporary inconvenience. The IDG 9074 provides secure access to any remote disaster recovery site. It simultaneously enables technical personnel to work from local or remote locations, providing the ultimate in continuous secure operations in the event of a disaster.

The Secure TN3270 client from SecureAgent Software provides additional functionality such as Instant Replay, integrated REXX capabilities, and Secure Remote Access. Our patent-pending Instant Replay enables the operator to view a screen-by-screen playback of their connected session. With the incorporated REXX capabilities, you can launch a variety of REXX programs from within your open window. Secure Remote Access enables technical support personnel to work securely from local or remote locations.

SecureAgent® Administrator (SAA)
SecureAgent Administrator (SAA) enables data center personnel to securely administer, from workstation(s), all 9074 machines in the enterprise, regardless of their physical location. Use SAA to set up user ID’s, groups and privilege levels, as well as for configuring 9074 control units, addresses and LU’s.




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