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      IDG 9074®    

Benefits & Features

Benefits of the IDG 9074® Secure Communications Controller®




  • Enables technical support personnel to securely work from off-site locations

  • Secures data transmitted over networks

  • Reduces operating and maintenance costs

  • Integrates clients and improves reliability

  • Extends, secure, real-time corporate data access to a mobile workforce

  • Replaces up to 128 IBM 3174 controllers

  • Provides 256 non-SNA and 1,000 SNA sessions per
    ESCON or FICON adapter, or a combination of both

  • Both ESCON and FICON are supported

  • Compatible with existing TN3270E clients

Features of the IDG 9074® Secure Communications Controller®

  • Offers DFT Support

  • Provides all console support functionality of the 3174, with complete security

  • Includes SNA and non-SNA support allowing connection of master consoles
    and all subsystem consoles (i.e., CICS, TSO, Omegamon, IMS,VTAM, etc.)

  • Tightly integrated security options give unprecedented levels of control

  • Easy remote configuration and diagnostics

  • Enables Secure Remote Access of 3270 sessions

  • Provides COAX output for STK silos, printers and 3270 type terminals

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