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The Secure Data Solution®

US Patent # 7,293,179; 7,536,596; 7,631,213; 7,653,821
European Patent # 1669872


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The Secure Agent Secure Data Solution (SDS) is a patented and patent-pending high performance virtual tape and disaster recovery system that allows an organization to efficiently store and retrieve compressed and encrypted virtual tape images (VTIs).

The SDS appears as tape units to attached computer systems; however in actuality, the virtual tape images are compressed and encrypted files that permanently reside on the Secure Data Solution–s disk arrays. They can also be transmitted to any other remote Secure Data Solutions site for disaster recovery purposes, or can be shared by applications that can process these VTIs residing on computers systems that are connected to the SDS at these remote sites. The Secure Data Solution emulates commonly installed tape drive. It can be connected to large-scale IBM
® mainframes that utilize the MVS or VSE operating systems, IBM AS/400s, and Open Systems such as Solaris, Linux and UNIX platforms and supports TSM. A single Secure Data Solution can store tape images that have been created by any combination of these supported systems and drives. This gives any organization the best available security tailored to its needs. Alternatively, SDS Data Mover will transmit the encrypted data via IP-based network to DASD arrays at remote sites. At these remote sites, the virtual tapes can be converted and written to real tapes. SDS normally resides in a standard communication rack and requires very few resources. Remote SDS can be installed anywhere according to customers needs.

A single operator can manage the entire system. SDS grows with the organizations needs and always protects prior investments. Just add the necessary storage or the necessary SDS Client Interfaces to support additional sites, different systems and storage. The whole solution is easily field upgradable with no planned obsolescence. The Secure Data Solution is not only very cost effective and extremely scalable it also fits to any need and size. By eliminating manual handling and transportation of tapes staff can be saved.

It also avoids the risk of theft and loss of data and guarantees reliable and rapid access to data. Data will always be stored or transmitted only in encrypted form. All this together with foolproof mounting and handling of tapes makes SDS to an unmatched solution for secure storing, recovering and archiving enterprise data.

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