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      IDG 9074®    


Central User Administration and User Defined Access
Each IDG 9074 can replace up to 128 IBM 3174 controllers, and provides 256 non-SNA or 1,000 SNA sessions
per ESCON or FICON adapter, or a combination of both. Also the IDG 9074 implements data encryption, data compression and a request-challenge-response user authentication. Both ESCON and FICON channel attachments are supported and can be connected directly from the host CPU to the IDG 9074 or through an ESCON or FICON director.
The Secure Domain Server provides logon security, controls user privileges, and manages access rights from a central point. Users can be limited to particular sessions. All access, authority, privileges, and security functions can be securely administered from a central point of control.

SecureAgent® Technology
SecureAgent technology enables technical personnel Remote Access to manage any system in the enterprise from any local or remote location with complete security.
This software layer protects remote and networked communications with a combination of patented and patent-pending processes including encryption, compression, and user authentication.

SecureAgent's encryption is transparent to the user, easy-to-use and requires no special training.
It is a simple matter of logging on and working as normal.

  • Provides the highest allowable encryption keys

  • Provides protection against attacks

SecureAgent delivers data between the connected machines in an optimized and compressed format.
This helps reduce communication delays over networks, including the Internet, as well as enhancing data security.

User Authentication
The SecureAgent handshake, or contentious logon protocol, authenticates the server and the client.
It uses a “Request-Challenge-Response” process that authenticates the user.

  • Passwords are never sent between SecureAgent and the remote machine

  • Recording of user logon data sent by remote machines is rendered virtually worthless with an aggressive “Request - Challenge - Response” process

Security Administration
All aspects of SecureAgent technology can be set up by your own security administrator from any location.





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