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The cornerstone of SuperVision's long running success has been the ability to bring many systems, running many different operating systems, together onto one PC screen. From here, ONE OPERATOR can monitor all of them simultaneously, send commands and respond to particular messages using one operating system and one software package.

Data from the consolidated mainframes can also be distributed to multiple operators using one operating system and one software package—Enough flexibility to adapt without major system modifications or extensive retraining, and enough functionality to let you configure highly efficient workstations.

Multiple Simultaneous Connections
SuperVision creates an environment, on a single PC screen, for simultaneous display, monitoring and management of TPF, MVS, VM, VSE/ESA, OS/400, Unix, Linux and OS/2 operating systems. It functions with IBM, Amdahl and Hitachi mainframes, minicomputers, and CMOS architecture for operator consoles.

Messages displayed through that console connection can be displayed and acted upon by SuperVision.
This "outboard" implementation is accomplished without any host resident programs or modifications and connection to any of these mainframe hosts can be remotely established (via dial-up or LAN) or locally attached to a SuperVision workstation.




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