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From its beginnings as the pioneer automator of commercial TPF systems, SuperVision has developed into a sophisticated, yet functional, management system currently in its sixth generation of servicing high-speed communication industries and automating data processing. It has continually met the needs of a changing industry
with innovation...

  • Expanding platform support to include intermixed TPF, MVS, VM, VSE/ESA, Unix OS/400, OS/2 and Linux environments; as well as VT100 protocol, all from a single PC screen.

  • Operating multiple systems from one common platform and controlling all with one common user skill set.

  • Providing access to your system, from anywhere in the world, using the highest levels of security available.

  • Reducing down-time and recovery-time by allowing off-site technical support to immediately access current history, view screens simultaneously with the operator and trouble-shoot a distressed system quickly - even during IPL failure.

  • Automating cross-platform and cross-system tasks quickly and easily, including Shutdown - Restart - IPL sequences, and remotely administrating automation routines.

  • Alerts via SNMP, SMTP e-mail, interactive Dialogics voice telephony, and paging.

  • Enabling thorough automation testing and operator training without jeopardizing live operation or development environments.

  • Incorporating proven industry standards, such as the Microsoft® Windows operating system and Visual Basic® programming language.

  • Securing fall-back protection through a product that works reliably and effectively.

SuperVision is equipped and ready, to provide your company’s operations team with system consolidation, task automation, secure remote access and the profitability these enhancements yield.




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