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Benefits & Features

Benefits of SuperVision

  • Freedom...extends secure remote connectivity of the enterprise to data center operators.

  • Convenience...authorized users may access the enterprise at any time, from any location.

  • Increase efficiency...enables data center managers to consolidate functions and solve problems faster.

  • Easy to use...incorporates into existing hardware and software platforms and functions over TCP/IP networks.

  • Efficient and effective Disaster Recovery Plan.

Features of SuperVision

  • Our Alert Manager provides immediate notification of alerts and enables operators to securely connect to the target machine from a remote location and resolve any problem.

  • Central User Database

  • SuperVision Automation is a cross-system and crossplatform scheduling and message handler.
    For example, SuperVision can automate the start of a task on an MVS system, when it receives the appropriate return code from a task running on a UNIX or VM system.

  • SuperVision's Console Consolidation feature integrates multiple mainframe console screens onto one workstation, reducing the corporate labor and technology burden necessary to operate multiple computer systems. Console Consolidation also reduces floor space and hardware requirements, enabling more effective use of space.

  • REXX Capabilities

  • Secure Remote Access increases productivity and reduces downtime by providing staff immediate system access via off-site telecommuting.  Now you can troubleshoot anytime from anywhere, with complete security.

  • Instant Replay provides immediate access to view the event logs that led to system failure, significantly reducing troubleshooting time and effort. Without Instant Replay the operator may not be able to locate the point of failure.


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