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      Secure Data Solution®    

The Secure Data Solution®

US Patent # 7,293,179; 7,536,596; 7,631,213; 7,653,821
European Patent # 1669872

Would you trust your unsecured personal financial information to an anonymous courier?
Many data centers are doing this regularly with their customer's personal, private data.
Studies show that 60% of companies fail to encrypt tapes before transporting them to storage facilities.

Data managers are playing a high-tech game of Russian roulette that data thieves are winning with greater frequency. The standard process of moving tapes to storage results in a "zone of vulnerability" in which tapes are subject to loss or theft. This "zone of vulnerability" can be prevented simply and affordably with little or no impact on your backup window.

Unencrypted Tapes
Standard tape-to-storage process leaves you vulnerable.

 The Secure Data Solution® provides an easy-to-install, easy-to-use way of securing tapes and cost effectively moving to an advanced data backup and security system in the future.

How the Solution works
The Secure Data Solution encrypts tape data before it is transported and stored. Lost or stolen tapes are no longer at risk because the tape data is rendered completely inaccessible to unauthorized parties. Tapes remain secure even in storage. The Secure Tape Solution fits simply into large data centers’ process for creating and handling tapes.
(see figure below).

Tape Drive, DVD Robot, RAID Array




1. Tape image transmitted to Secure Data Solution.
2. Tape image compressed, encrypted.
3. Compressed and encrypted image sent via channel or network to internal or off-site output device.
4. Tape image secured for transport or storage.


In its simplest configuration, where relatively few backup tapes are generated, the new security method requires only the addition of a single, channel-attached device that encrypts tape images, without adding any load to the host CPU.
The solution does not disrupt operators’ workflow.

Other configurations allow writing images directly to tape without additional host involvement or trans­mitting images over a network to tape drives, DVD robots, or RAID arrays located at off-site facilities.

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