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      Secure Web Access 

Secure Web Access

SecureWeb™ enables you to connect securely to the Web-based administration functions of a remote target system. Specifically, you can manage your mainframe’s HMC (Hardware Maintenance Console) remotely and securely. Unlike other products that encrypt the connection to the target system but don’t provide adequate authentication, SecureWeb not only ensures the security of the data stream but also uses role-based authentication to give you unparalleled control over who has access to a target system (or systems) and what functions they can perform once connected.

SecureWeb authenticates a user with a user ID and password, using a challenge-response method that never transmits the password from the client system to the server. After establishing a connection, the client sends the encrypted user ID to the server. The server responds with a randomly generated challenge string. The client encrypts the challenge string, using the client’s password as the encryption key, and sends the encrypted string back to the server, which decrypts it and compares the result to this user’s password. If the comparison is successful, the server grants access to the user. Since the password is never transmitted, sniffers or other malware cannot compromise access to the target system.






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