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      Remote Access Controller  

Executive Summary


With the IDG 9074® Remote Access Controller™, you can restrict an individual’s access to particular systems, based on their duties; that is, the role they play—for example, if you have systems A, B, and C, you can ensure certain individuals can only access systems A and B, but not C.

So, operators in training could connect to training systems but wouldn’t be able to access those used in production.
User IDs and passwords have long been a mainstay in controlling access. But increasingly, we see that the “bad guys”
are able to thwart them. Something more is needed - something that can’t be compromised.

The IDG 9074 Remote Access Controller supports the latest in such security paradigms: dual-party authentication
(sometimes called “two-factor authentication”). The user must supply two pieces of information (“factors”) before a
connection will be allowed.

One factor, known to the user, is the user ID/password combination. However, because this factor could be
compromised, the user must also supply another factor, which that user alone has. A small device, often attachable to a key chain, supplies this second factor as a pseudo-random number, which changes automatically at pre-determined
intervals (often, every minute).

After entering the user ID/password factor, the user enters the random-number factor. The IDG 9074 sends this to a
secure server for authentication. If this is successful, the connection is completed—otherwise, the user is not allowed to connect. In combination with RSA, a leader in authentication technology, SecureAgent has incorporated dual-party
authentication into the IDG 9074, providing both mainframe and mid- range systems with extra assurance that only
authorized users have access.




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