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      Remote Access Controller  

Benefits & Features

  • Role-based access controls.

  • Patented authentication logon protocol ensures only authorized users have access.

  • Combined with role-based access controls.

  • Our logon protocol helps prevent attacks not only by outsiders, but also by negligent or malicious insiders.

  • Encryption of all communications between the IDG 9074® and clients ensures security of the data stream.

  • Access and activity logs provide auditability.

  • Unauthorized personnel cannot access log files.

  • Easy-to-use GUI-based administration program.

  • Secure remote access means disaster recovery plans can be supported and maintained from any location.

  • Our patent-pending Instant Replay feature presents a scrollable history window showing a keystroke-by-keystroke.

  • Instant Replay captures refreshed screens and saves memory. Instant Replay is also useful in training.

  • Secure Telnet clients included at no additional charge. Connections can also be made through SSH or SSH2.

  • Includes easy-to-use REXX programming language that allows quick automation of operating system commands.

  • Provides security administrators with an “over-the shoulder” view of operators with root access without the operators knowledge, allowing for real-time, proactive monitoring, even of multiple consoles simultaneously.

  • The IDG 9074 is an “out-of-the-box” solution that installs quickly and does not require intensive training of security administrators.

  • The IDG 9074 can connect to multiple Unix servers. An alternate IDG 9074 can provide redundancy. The combination of a primary and alternate is far more affordable than other solutions priced on the basis of an entire server farm.




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