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      Secure TN3270TM    

Benefits & Features

Benefits of SecureTN3270TM with Secure Remote Access

  • Remote access is secured by encryption of data and user authentication
  • Increased system uptime by enabling technical support personnel to work from any location, remote or internal

  • Security administrator can setup and maintain user privileges from any location

  • Convenience to access critical data and perform work functions at any time

SecureTN3270 offers these unique features

  • Instant Replay (patent pending) - enables users to view screen-by-screen playback of their session

  • REXX - automates command sequences

  • Automate Entry

  • Watch display from host

  • Send SNMP traps/alerts

  • SNMP - REXX sends alerts to TNG, Tivoli, BMC

  • E-Mail - REXX notifies personnel of alerts or problems

  • Pages - REXX sends a page via modem or email indicating alerts or problems

  • Dialogic Voice Response System - ability to interact with the Dialogic telephone support card

  • Data Security - enhanced security logon and patented encryption process




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