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      Secure System Admin  

Benefits & Features


  • Central access (logon) control (using the Central User Database).

  • Convenient.

  • Use custom-written programs (“plug-ins”) to run/control any tasks.

  • Remotely manage an unlimited number of SecureAgent® servers.

  • Remotely create, manage, debug and edit an unlimited number of REXX executable programs..

  • Retrieve REXX executable programs from a remote server, edit them, place them back on the remote server, and launch them!

  • Send REXX programs to remote servers, and launch them there.

  • Write multiple small REXX executable programs to build a large program!

  • Simultaneously run an unlimited number of REXX executable programs.

  • Connect to a SecureAgent server using either HTTP proxy or the SecureAgent gateway.

  • Error messages show the line number of the error.

  • Savings.

  • Increased productivity (remote access = more effective use of time).

  • Increased employee retention (remote access = happier employees).

  • Flexibility—Manage and monitor tasks, services, drivers,system performance, etc.

  • Preservation of your valuable resources (very small footprint).


  • Easy-to-use REXX language.

  • The Central User Database.

  • Sample REXX programs for Secure System Administrator & SuperVision.

  • Secure Agent Software’s patented and patent-pending security technology.

  • Very small footprint.

  • Runs under Linux®, Solaris™, or Windows®.

  • Easy-to-use interface.

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