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Compatible and User Friendly
The SecureNotes interface gives you the option to send e-mail with or without security. When sending an e-mail message, a small window appears, asking if you would like to select the secure option. That’s all there is to it! With a click of one button, SecureNotes provides the utmost in today’s security technology for your e-mail. SecureNotes is compatible with IBM systems and all standard email programs.

Technical Profile
User Authentication Process

  • Authentication ensures the validity of the sender.

  • Authentication occurs before a connection with the recipient is established

  • As an extra security measure, passwords are never passed between defined users.

Deletion of Mail

SecureNotes deletes the e-mail from the SecureNotes server once read. Standard e-mail does not provide this feature and leaves images on servers for later accessibility.



  • Set up custom filters using REXX or C++ to monitor messages for prohibited content and block if found or remove such content and allow to proceed.

  • Automatically issue customized alerts/alarms via pager, e-mail, voice, or SNMP traps to notify designated personnel when prohibited content is found or other predefined conditions occur.


  • Robust encryption routines are used in SecureNotes.

  • Encryption combined with data compression provides extra security.


  • SecureNotes operates with an infinite number of users.

  • You may obtain additional user licenses at any time to accommodate growth of your communications network.

  • Addition of users and user groups is easy.





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