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      SecureAgent DataSafe®    


System Requirements

The many factors mentioned below will determine the minimum system requirements needed to operate
SecureAgent DataSafe® on any standard PC.



A computer operating SecureAgent DataSafe® should have a processor that will adequately handle the current
connectivity, as well as anticipated future expansion.

Recommended: Intel® Pentium®, Pentium II®, Pentium® III or Pentium IV® processor.


Hard Drive

The number of connections, history log size, file size and remote activity will determine the size of the hard drive.
Recommended: A minimum two-gigabyte hard drive.


Random Access Memory (RAM)

The available RAM determines, in part, the speed of the computer.
Minimum: 48 MB of memory
Recommended: 128 MB or greater of memory


Your PC should also include:
- DVD/CD-ROM Drive
- Standard PC Keyboard and Mouse
- Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows7 Operating Systems
- RS232 Serial Port
- Minimum 28.8 bps modem




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